Our philosophy

"Adventure of life"
From normal everyday life experiences to the most extreme ones. Whether it's a quiet evening in front of a fireplace or a trek through the mountain paths, from the hot beaches to the snowy slopes, Be Board is able to offer you what you need.

Because life is an adventure every day. And we let ourselves be inspired by this.

The company

La Ruta Fashion Group s.r.l.,is a company that produces and sells informal clothing for men, women and kids, focusing, in particular, on the production of t-shirts, polo shirts and sweatshirts, but expanding its offer to the "multi category".
Founded in November 2003, it is the evolution of an entrepreneurial project started, in the form of a sole ownership company, in 1978 with a production activity for third parties. Today it is focused on the marketing of the Be Board brand, of which it is the owner.
Be Board offers a continuously updated sportswear image, in line with market trends and the tastes of the final consumers, not forgetting the guarantee for quality.
The creation of each collection is the result of passion and tenacity. The staff is committed to the timely satisfaction of the requests of those customers who have been accompanying the growth of the company for years, as well as those who begin to know it today.
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